Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Henry Scott Tuke 1858 - 1913

Henry Scott Tuke was a British painter whose paint strokes where rough and visible in a time when smooth stokes and polished finishes were all the rage. In 1885 he bought a fishing boat and converted it into a art studio. It was here, while living on this boat, that he created his most famous paintings of young men swimming in the nude. Our favorite past-time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We have finally recovered from last Friday's pool party. As usual, the crowd was really hot and really eager to blow off some steam. The saunas seemed like the place to be. Not surprising since the temperatures in New York have been hovering around 20 degrees! Leopatra's show was really out-of-this-world. He juggled his torches with 6 inch, red platform boots with stiletto heals, a cape, mask AND a turban. For his second act, he balanced a sword / candelabra on his forehead, wearing a codpiece and wings! Very exciting and very gay!